There is a hardly a term that will shape present and future generations such as that of sustainability.

The European Union laid the first important cornerstone for the anchoring of the term in 1999 with the Treaty of Amsterdam, which declared sustainable development to be one of its most fundamental goals. The Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (Nachhaltigkeits- und Diversitätsverbesserungsgesetz) can be regarded as one of the direct consequences of the Treaty of Amsterdam.

In it, so-called “large corporations”, which are public-interest entities and meet the criterion of employing more than 500 workers on average at the end of the reporting period, are required to include in their annual report a non-financial statement providing information on the impact of the business activities beyond the financial aspects of the business.

A measure that is intended to sensitize shareholders and society to take responsibility – for present and future generations.

DenizBank AG is aware of this responsibility as an important part of Austrian society and the European community. DenizBank AG uses this non-financial report to describe comprehensively and on a consolidated basis its impact on environment, society and employees through its activities and the activities of its subsidiaries.
Consolidated Non-Financial Report DenizBank AG 2022