Trade Finance

DenizBank AG is always right beside you to enable your safe growth in international trade through its fast and qualified services, wide product range and alternative financing solutions.
We aim to provide excellent customer experience with fast, secure and qualified services aimed at determining the payment and financing methods most suitable for your foreign trade transactions.

Trade Finance

Since its foundation in 1996, DenizBank AG acts as a bridge builder in the international financial services sector. Known for its comprehensive customer service and expertise, DenizBank AG offers you financial solutions individually adapted to your needs to make your business successful in international trade.

Documentary & Guarantee Business

Through its international network, DenizBank AG supports you in your export and import transactions with letters of credit, documentary collections and guarantees. The experienced team provides you with individual solutions and supports you in making your cross-border trading secure.

Letters of Credit

A letter of credit is a proven and important payment tool when it comes to foreign trade. The letter of credit is the irrevocable commitment of a bank to pay a certain amount when a complying presentation is made. DenizBank AG offers this tool in a variety of different options and helps you to hedge the risks involved in foreign trade.

DenizBank provides you services in these products:

Export LC
Import LC
Stand-by LC

Documentary Collection

Documentary collection (documents against payment/and acceptance) is a form of payment processing in international trade, which is usually based on a goods transaction.

Bank Guarantees

A bank guarantee is a security tool and a promise of payment by a bank to pay an agreed sum of money to the beneficiary of the guarantee under certain conditions.
Classical and specific purpose Letter of Guarantees, Advising of Guarantees, Letter of Guarantees issued by another financial institution (counter-guarantees)

Export & Trade Finance

via official export credit agencies (ECAs)

Through its status as house bank, DenizBank AG can offer convenient conditions in the market, having secured financing options through state-supported export credit insurers for your international business. For this purpose, DenizBank AG develops customised solutions for your needs.

Buyer credits

The tied buyer's credit is linked to a supply contract for an export transaction. This credit is agreed between the bank and the foreign borrower (importer or its bank or a government agency) to finance the deliveries and/or services.

Supplier credits

A supplier credit is a credit granted by a supplier to its foreign buyer by granting a payment term. In order to avoid a possible lack of liquidity, the exporter can have the granted payment term refinanced by a bank.

Purchase of receivables

After delivery and acceptance of the export goods, we purchase the receivables and you as the exporter receive immediate liquidity. Depending on the buyer's credit rating, the political/economic risk is covered by a bank guarantee or a federal guarantee or insurance policy.
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