Transaction Banking

DenizBank AG Cash & Transaction Banking offers you a variety of innovative and customized cash management and payment solutions, as well as business accounts tailored to your personal needs, to help you to manage your daily banking business.

Products and Services

Corporate Giro Account

We offer you a Corporate Giro Account for a smooth handling of your payment transactions, which is adapted to your needs. This applies to all services of payment transactions, SEPA payments, e-business, electronic account statement or sales information (SWIFT format).

Foreign Currency Account

This account is used to process your international payments abroad in the respective currencies. Our correspondent partners guarantee you a smooth handling of your payments worldwide.

FX Transactions

In accordance with your business needs, Corporate Banking Department will support you with your FX needs.

Bulk Payments

Bulk Payments System is our cash management product. Especially in case of increased intensity on certain days, it enables companies to do automatic payments to their good and service providers via file transfer.

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