Money Exchange

No matter whether you need foreign currency for your holiday or you want to change money into Euro, DenizBank AG offers you attractive exchange rates at low commission.
Please contact us in order to find out if the required currency is available in a sufficient amount in one of our branches. You can call our Contact Center 0800 88 66 00 or use our Contact Form for your inquiry.

Exchange Rates

Commission: 3% of the exchanged amount (min. 5,00 Euro)

For 1 EURO the following Rates are valid
You pay
You get
Currency Conversions Within the Framework of the Payment Services Act (ZaDiG)

If, in the scope of a payment service to be provided by DenizBank AG, it becomes necessary to buy or sell amounts in foreign currency, the purchase or sale shall be carried out by DenizBank AG on behalf of the payment service user on the basis of the rate determined on the international foreign exchange market. Trading on the international foreign exchange market takes place directly via the dealer networks of the participating financial institutions. If a continuous rate determination on the international foreign exchange market is not possible, the rate will be assessed at least once within a business day, but no later than 16:30 (CET) of the respective business day, on the basis of the euro reference rates announced by the European Central Bank (ECB). The euro reference rate is also used as a mid-rate where appropriate.

The exchange rate to be applied is the average exchange rate determined on the international foreign exchange market – or the euro reference rate, taking into account a customary margin for buying and selling rates. The amount of the margin depends on the respective currency and the country-specific currency risk to be borne by the bank. As well as this rate sheet, our price list, which shows the transaction fees, is also continuously available online at and upon request at our bank branches. The margins shown for foreign exchange or note rates apply equally to euro reference rates. You can follow the ECB's euro reference rates here.

Currency rates on the international foreign exchange market are subject to permanent changes. This means that current values cannot always be announced on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the values shown are to be used for non-binding reference only. The amount of the current exchange rate applicable at the time of the order shall be determined in each individual case and communicated to the customer for confirmation before the order is processed. By confirming the exchange rate, the customer is agreeing to the transaction being carried out.

The general and special terms and conditions of DenizBank AG apply, in particular the general information on payment services for consumers in the consumer business.