Security Support

DenizBank AG’s standard security practices

DenizBank AG will not embed hyperlinks in Emails that take you to sites where you must enter your security information.
DenizBank AG Emails will never ask you to reply in an Email with any personal information.
DenizBank AG will use state of the art encryption and authentication mechanisms to secure the transactions.
DenizBank AG will never claim your account may be closed if you fail to confirm, verify, or authenticate your personal information via Email.
No one at DenizBank AG will ever ask you for your digital/mobile banking password
There is a feature that allows customers to restrict transactions in the mobile application and internet banking.
Wrong login attempts in mobile application and internet banking are presented to the user as information.
The user account is blocked after 5 wrong password attempts in the mobile application and internet banking.
The mobile application can be defined to only one mobile phone.

Regular controls

Security tests exercises are carried out to regularly check IT systems and compliance with security guidelines and standards.
Constant monitoring of IT systems at DenizBank AG.
Regular participation by DenizBank AG security experts in security training and conferences.
Increasing risk awareness and regular security information training for employees.
DenizBank AG monitors the internet to find imitation websites and apps, which are often the first step made by phishers. We then work with the appropriate international authority to get the websites closed down and Apps taken out of the App stores as quickly as possible.
PSUs are periodically informed about current attack vectors.
Please report all security issues