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DenizBank – VISA Electron Prepaid Card

Image Pre paid cardUltimate safety for your online payments!

The DenizBank – VISA electron prepaid offers you the comfort, safety and cost control through a pre-paid balance.

Your Benefits

  • Accepted in over 10 million payment points
  • Over 1 million cash machines
  • Acceptance by all VISA internet traders

And many more additional benefits, e.g. a monthly sales information (per request also via e-mail) as well as the opportunity to have your card locked in case of a loss or theft.


You do not need a bank account or a fixed bank connection in order to have DenizBank - VISA prepaid card. As soon as you have loaded the desired amount – either via direct payment or wire transfer – you have a credit balance and can use it.


With the DenizBank – VISA prepaid card, your credit balance is not directly saved on your card but on a credit balance account which is managed by VISA for you. Therefore, there is no loss of your credit balance in case your card is locked due to a loss or theft. The VISA-blocking service is available for you 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Also Usable Online

You can pay with your DenizBank – VISA prepaid card conveniently and safely at all VISA partners via internet. Verified by VISA ensures 100% safety for your online-shopping payments. Verified by VISA provides additional security for your purchases on the Internet. Your personal information is protected from unauthorized access and all stakeholders are identified as legitimate participants in the payment process.

Cost Control

When using DenizBank - VISA prepaid card, a small card fee of only EUR 1,5 per month applies. In addition, only usage related fees will be charged.

Ordering Online

You can order your VISA prepaid card online in a simple way.

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Can I help you?