SMART Bausparen

Wüstenrot Smartbausparen is perfect to fulfill a long-standing wish, to build up capital for children or grandchildren or to create a precautionary cushion for a safe future.

Your Advantages

Guaranteed basic interest rate1 of 0,35 % in the first 6 years, followed by 0.85% until the end of the 10th year
Saving up with amounts starting from  25 Euro per month
Maturity 10 years
NEW: If the building savings contract is terminated after a six-year period, no administrative costs will be charged if the building savings balance amounts to 30% of the contract value at the time of termination.
Up to 36 Euro Wüstenrot Bonus* after 6 years
Up to 138 Euro Wüstenrot Bonus* after 10 years

An Example in Numbers

You pay monthly 100 Euro Total savings in 10 years
12,000.00 Euro
+ fixed interest rates1
+ 138 EUR Wüstenrot Bonus*
+ Tax-free public building savings premium
= Maximum-Balance after 10 years2
12,946.00 Euro
= Minimum-Balance after 10 years3
12,668.00 Euro
Wüstenrot Earnings Table-Smart Bausparen (German)
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Important Legal Information and Footnotes (in German)