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DenizBank Priority Banking offers all Priority Banking products and servicesas “Tailor-Made” by providing access to all of the financial markets in line with the risk - return preferences, knowledge - experiences and demands of our clients.

DenizBank Priority Banking

  • Our experienced staff and expert customer representatives offer you individual service.
  • Provides all the investment products you need to manage your risks in the financial markets.
  • Continuously monitors and informs you about the developments in domestic and international markets and financial reports.
  • Supports you in the pricing of all instruments traded in the financial markets.
  • Allows customers to benefit from instant movements and price advantages in the markets by offering them the opportunity to conduct transactions in interbank markets.

Products and Services

Deposit Solutions

DenizBank Priority Banking offers a broad range of deposit solutions that are structured to complement and balance your investment portfolio with flexible maturities along with attractive interest rates and payment options.

FX Transactions

As a DenizBank client, you can constantly follow the current changes in the foreign exchange market and benefit from the changes in all major currencies in foreign exchange transactions.

In accordance with your preferences, our Priority banking team gives you information about the current price movements in FX markets and mediates the transactions you will perform in the market with high performance.


With DenizBank Priority Banking, you can realize the market prices, purchase and sales of international public and private sector bonds and stocks within a short time.

While structuring your bond and stock portfolio according to your personal preferences, our customer representatives provide a fast and efficient service for your pricing and trading requests.

Derivative Transactions

DenizBank Priority Banking provides access to global markets with “Tailor-Made” pricing for your derivative and product demands that you require to hedge and diversify your portfolio.


A well-settled overdraft will be one of the best ways to handle short-term changes in your cash flow. It gives you access to extra funds in your existing account when you run out of money and allows your automatic payment instructions to be fulfilled even if the balance of your account is insufficient.

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