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All-in-One Plus Home Insurance

The ideal insurance for homeowners – Home Insurance

Allianz insures your house as well as outbuildings and building additions on the property and protects you from damage claims. In addition, you can insure your house already in the construction phase premium-free!

Home and Property Owners Liability 

For compensation obligations under private law content, that may arise as a homeowner. The Home and Property Owners Liability Insurance pays for legitimate claims, examines claims made against you and, if necessary fends off unjustified claims in court.


In winter, a pedestrian falls due to poor clearance of pavement and is injured heavily. Since you are responsible as a homeowner for the clearance of pavement, there are claims for damages against you, which are covered by the Home and Property Owners Liability Insurance.

Glass breakage

Among other things, glazing of the insured premises and interior glazing in the apartment can be insured. In addition, as a homeowner, you can also insure the other windows that are permanently attached to the residential building, as well as the panes of outbuildings and building additions.

Insurance Premium

Rough negligence

What is the impact of the damage caused by the gross negligence that insurance companies usually do not cover? Insure damage caused by gross negligence.

Bad debt

What does it mean for you if you do not receive the justified compensation for property damage or even physical damage after an accident? Protect yourself from irrecoverable claims for damage.

Living Assistance

In which emergencies in the living area do you need immediate emergency help from craftsman? Get quick help with emergencies in your home.

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Important legal information and footnotes

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The listed scope of services represents a selection of the general, supplemental and special insurance terms. The information provided here is no substitute for these terms. This information is neither a product recommendation nor a consultation; it serves only as initial, non-binding information. Complete information can be found in the application, the policy and the respective insurance terms. The final selection of the right insurance product can only be made after an individual consultation with the customer.
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