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DenizBank’s smsTAN – Simple, Safe and Convenient

  1. What Is a TAN

    A TAN (transaction number) is a one-time password (OTP) used in Internetbanking to verify transactions.

  2. How Does smsTAN Verification Work

    The smsTAN Verification is a two-way authorization procedure. When you want to place an order you receive your TAN only if required via SMS directly to your mobile phone. . This TAN is valid only for a few minutes and just for this transfer. The transaction will be completed after entering the TAN into the specified field.

  3. Why Is smsTAN Verification Safer than Paper TAN Verification

    You will only receive your TANs if required. A second device, independent from the PC is used for the verification of the TAN. This method offers a very high level of protection against phishing and malware.

    The transmitted TAN in the SMS is additionally always inseparably linked to your order. It cannot be used for other transactions. A third party cannot manipulate the mobile phone number used for the SMS transmission because it is stored directly in the highly secure banking system of DenizBank AG.

    Your order´s data is also displayed in the TAN SMS. Before entering the TAN, compare the data displayed in the SMS with the data entered in Internetbanking. Only if all data match, you should execute the transaction.

  4. What are the Advantages of the smsTAN Verification

    a. Simple

    You receive your TAN on your mobile phone.

    b. Safe

    Each smsTAN applies only to a specific task and only for a-limited time. The SMS contains the most important order data and thus provides an additional control option.

    c. Convenient

    You don’t need to store TAN lists or activate new lists. There are no additional costs associated.

  5. What are the Costs of smsTAN Verification

    The delivery of the SMS is free of charge. Please note that when a smsTAN is delivered abroad, a roaming fee may be charged by your provider.

  6. How Can I Change My Phone Number for the smsTAN

    You can choose one of 3 options to change your phone number:

    a. By post

    Just send an informal signed letter with your new phone number to DenizBank AG, Thomas-Klestil-Platz 1, 1030 Wien.

    b. Per Fax

    If you have indicated during the account opening that you also want to give orders by fax, you can change your number in this way.

    c. In a branch

    You can also visit us in one of our 27 branches all over Austria. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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Can I help you?