Cash & Account Management

DenizBank Cash & Account Management offers you a variety of innovative and customized cash management and payment solutions, as well as business accounts and business cards tailored to your personal needs, to help you to manage your daily banking business.

Products and Services

Corporate Giro Account

We offer you a Corporate Giro Account for a smooth handling of your payment transactions, which is adapted to your needs. This applies to all services of payment transactions, SEPA payments, e-business, electronic account statement or sales information (SWIFT format).


  • 24 hour Internetbanking for corporate clients
  • Personal customer support
  • Cash Management & Payment

Foreign Currency Account

This account is used to process your international payments abroad in the respective currencies. Our correspondent partners guarantee you a smooth handling of your payments worldwide.


  • Exchange Management
  • No foreign exchange loss

Overdraft Limits

A well-settled overdraft will be one of the best ways to handle short term changes in your cash-flow. It gives you access to extra funds in your existing account when you run out of money and allows your automatic payment instructions to be fulfilled even if the balance of your account is insufficient. The maximum overdraft limit is usually depending on the creditworthiness of the account holder.


  • Constant solvency
  • Interests will only be paid when you claim your overdraft

ATM Card

The DenizBank ATM card is a co-branded plastic card that enables you to make global cash withdrawals at Maestro ATMs as well as ATM cash payments. The NFC and the GeoControl function are automatically activated during disbursement and can be deactivated or reactivated at any time on your request. The limits of the ATM card can be agreed individually with DenizBank.

Credit Card

With your credit card you have more independence and a larger financial leeway. You decide when and where you want to pay for. Your credit card gives you financial flexibility in every situation. DenizBank offers you Visa or MasterCard credit cards, with the options Business Classic or Business Gold.


DenizBank will be happy to assist you with the successful implementation of payment terminals to carry out your business. As a strong partner in the financial services sector, we introduce you to the leading companies in the field of POS terminals and processing of payment transactions. With our support, you will be able to offer your customers various payment cards in the future.

For more information please get in contact with us. Call our Contact Center 0800 88 66 00 or fill out our Contact Form. We will be happy to assist you!

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