Online Daily Due Deposit Account

Kostenlose Kontoführung, hoher Zins. Jetzt grBenefit from attractive interest rate while managing your account free of charge and enjoy instant access to your money!

Daily Due Deposit Account of DenizBank

The Daily Due Deposit Account offers a flexible and variable interest rate. With Internetbanking, you will have instant access to your money.

Your Advantages

  • Benefit from the attractive interest rate of 0.010 %* p.a.
  • Easy and instant access to your money
  • Online account management free of charge

How Do I Open My Account?


The first step to your Online Deposit Account is to open a Payment Account which is free of charge. This account serves as a Reference Account for all your transactions and has an interest rate of 0.01 %* p.a. Once you have your Payment account, you can open a Time Deposit or Daily Due Deposit Account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Daily Due Account

  1. What is a Daily Due Deposit Account?

    The Daily Due Deposit Account is an Online Deposits Account without fixed term. The account holder can easily and instantly access his savings, taking advantage of DenizBank's attractive interest rates.

  2. What are the fees associated with a Daily Due Deposit Account?

    DenizBank offers you the Daily Due Deposit Account free of charge.

  3. How many Daily Due Deposit Accounts can I open?

    You are able to open one Daily Due Deposit Account.

  4. What is the minimum deposit for a Daily Due Deposit Account?

    The minimum deposit is € 100,-.

  5. How do I pay my deposit?

    You can transfer your deposit online to your Payment Account or do this in one of our branches. Apart from this, it is necessary to open Daily Due Account and transfer the deposit amount onto the Daily Due Account.

  6. Can I make domestic and international transfers from my Daily Due Deposit Account?

    You can transfer your deposit from your Daily Due Deposit Account to your Payment Account. The amount will be credited directly to your Payment Account and will be available for further transfers to external accounts.

  7. When will the interest amount be credited to my Daily Due Deposit Account?

    The accumulated interest amount will be credited to your Daily Due Deposit Account on December 31st of each year.

*Interest rate p.a., valid only for retail customers and valid until revoked.
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