Online Deposit Account - Simple, Safe and Convenient

Would you like to invest your money profitably?

With Online Deposit Accounts, DenizBank offers you a variety of solutions for your investments and unlimited Internetbanking options.

Whether you want to invest for a fixed term and profit from high interest rates or prefer to have instant access to your cash: Open your Daily Due or Time Deposit Account online easily!

Daily Due Deposit Account

Time Deposit Account

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  • High interest rate 0.010 *% p.a.
  • Accessible on a daily basis
  • Online account-management free of charge
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  • Fixed interest rates for the entire duration
  • Individual durations
  • Online account management free of charge
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How Do I Open My Account?

Get your Daily Due Deposit Account in 3 steps:


The first step to your Online Deposit Account is to open a Payment Account which is free of charge. This account serves as a reference for your transactions and bears interest at 0.01 % p.a. Using our Internetbanking, you can open a Time Deposit Account with a fixed interest rate or a Daily Due Deposit Account with a flexible interest rate.

*Interest rate p.a., valid only for retail customers and valid until revoked.
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Can I help you?