Corporate Banking


DenizBank AG serves as a portal for DenizBank Financial Services Group in Austria with a full array of banking products rendered by a highly specialized Corporate Banking team. DenizBank  provides all kinds of products and services ranging from but not limited to Cash/Non-Cash and Cash & Account Management.

Utilizing a customer-oriented approach, DenizBank is well-known for its excellent management of customer relations, innovative and flexible perspectives, highly qualified human resources, financial advisory services, ability to produce tailor-made services and an extensive product-line including products on demand. The Bank is able to provide all major financial services under one roof, and to serve as the customers’ sole banking partner, for international and domestic companies with activities in its home markets of Austria and Germany, as well as other European countries.

Denizbank Corporate Banking

  • contributes to your profitability by offering cash management products while acting as your business partner in accomplishing your projects and investments of the future
  • provides customized services and tailor-made solutions for your business needs
  • enables your safe growth in international trade through its fast and qualified services, wide product range, financing alternatives and professional staff
  • supports your foreign trade transactions with financing alternatives and operational back up
  • assists you for all kinds of information and advice related to our Foreign Trade products
  • provides expert support for project finance

Products and Services

Loan Financing:

DenizBank renders a variety of financing options to corporate clients based on their needs along with modern risk management principles.

Cash & Account Management:

DenizBank Account Management offers you a variety of innovative and customized cash management and payment solutions, as well as business accounts and business cards tailored to your personal needs, to help you to manage your daily banking business.

For more information please get in contact with us per Email. Furthermore, you can call our Contact Center 0800 88 66 00 or fill out our Contact Form. We will be happy to assist you!


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Can I help you?