Wüstenrot Bausparen

Now available at DenizBank AG.

No matter whether you want to create a nice home, finance good education or ensure the basis for a longer life in your usual environment - Wüstenrot Bausparen is one of the most secure forms of savings.


  • Safe: Bausparen is the one of the safest forms of savings. You do not take any risk and can look forward to your capital at the end of the term.
  • Flexible: Choose the right variant for you from various Bauspar solutions according to your needs.
  • Promoted: Your Bauspar ambitions are also rewarded by the state with an annual bonus - and also capital gain tax free!
  • Affordable: Bausparen is possible even with small amounts - already starting from 25 Euro per month.

Save according to your preferences:

  • Flexibles Bausparen: If you want to benefit from attractive starting interest rates, you should choose “Flexibles Bausparen”.After the initial period, interest rates will be adjusted to interest rate developments. If the interest rates increase, your building savings rate also increases.
  • Flexibles Jugendbausparen: Attractive top interest rates in the initial period - exclusive for all under 26. Even with small deposits you can finance your future dreams, wishes and plans.
  • SMART Bausparen:  The savings period of 10 years is perfect to fulfil long-standing wishes. With fixed interest rates, state funding and the Wüstenrot bonus (subject to capital gain tax), you can start to build up capital or simply create a financial precaution for the future.

For more information please get in contact with us. Call our Contact Center 0800 88 66 00 or visit one of our branches. We will be happy to assist you!

If you are interested in Wüstenrot financing, DenizBank AG will be happy to establish contact with a Wüstenrot consultant.

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Can I help you?