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Important Information about DenizBank AG

DenizBank AG - Über UnsDenizBank AG was founded in 1996. As a universal bank, it is subject to the Austrian banking law and a member of a statutory deposit guarantee scheme for the deposit insurance of Einlagensicherung AUSTRIA GmbH.

Currently, DenizBank employs 485 employees in Austria and Germany and is member of the rapidly expanding DenizBank Group. The banking organization is close to the customer, being supported by a strong network with its operating branches.

With its customer-oriented high-quality service, its efficient network with 17 branches in Austria and 9 in Germany and modern contact center, DenizBank AG has a leading position in retail deposit business.

In corporate business, DenizBank AG offers its knowledge, know-how and experience to the use of its customers from various sectors and delivers solutions for trade, import and export finance. The segments the bank is focused on are companies in trade relation with the European Union, primarily Germany,Austria and Turkey.

According to the audited results, DenizBank AG was able to increase its total assets at the consolidated level by EUR 300 million to EUR 11.54 billion in 2018 compared to the previous year.

Net profit increased to EUR 171 million. The result also strengthened the financial base of the bank. Total capital was increased by EUR 177 million to EUR 1.67 billion through a capital increase and the addition of the previous year's profit.

DenizBank A.Ş., the parent company of DenizBank AG, reaches with its network of more than 700 branches and 13.822 employees all segments of the society throughout Turkey.

In addition to DenizBank, DenizBank Financial Services Group includes five domestic and three international financial subsidiaries, six domestic non-financial subsidiaries and a branch in Bahrain. DenizYatırım, Deniz GYO, DenizPortföy Yönetimi, DenizLeasing, DenizFaktoring, Intertech, DenizKültür, Ekspres Bilgi İşlem ve Ticaret, Deniz Kartlı Ödeme Sistemleri, Açık Deniz Radyo-TV and Bantaş are the domestic subsidiaries of the Group, and Eurodeniz, DenizBank AG and DenizBank Moscow are the foreign subsidiaries.

The primary segments the Group focuses on are retail customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, exporters, public and project finance as well as commercial and corporate clients. The Group also operates in niche markets such as agriculture, energy, tourism, education, healthcare services, infrastructure and maritime. The Group operates in European Union countries through its Vienna-based subsidiary DenizBank AG. JSC DenizBank Moscow provides services to customers engaged in commerce with Russia and serves a variety of their financial requirements.


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