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Your Safety and Security – What you can do

System Security

Use only a trustworthy computer

Never make banking transactions on publicly accessible computers such as in an internet cafe. These are not suitable for banking transactions. Log off after each online banking session ("the end") and delete the memory ("cache") of your computer after completing your bank transactions.

Always use the latest operating systems and Internet browsers

Through ongoing updates, you can always keep your operating system and used Internet browser up to date. Activate the automatic updates and the phishing filter. These also usually include improvements in terms of security of the programs.

Virus protection and Firewall

Keep your antivirus program up-to-date. This is in addition to the activation of the personal firewall essential for the effective protection of your operating system.

Wi-Fi Connection

Always encrypt your wireless connection. Standard is WPA 2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2),where the password should be at least 20 characters long and consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters. Change your passwords on a regular basis. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is outdated and isconsideredunsafe.

Safe Behavior


These confidential data should not be entered into e-mails, forms or unknown pages under any circumstances. Use your PIN and TAN only on the DenizBank AG Internetbanking Page and do not pass it on to third parties.

Our employees will never ask for your password!

Safe-keeping of PIN and TAN

Do not store your personal access data on your PC or mobile device, but store it in a safe place.

Change your PIN regularly

Change your PIN on a regular basis. You can do this in Internetbanking under "Security / Password Management".

Access to Internetbanking

The safest way to access your Internetbanking is via DenizBank AG website.Do not place a bookmark, as this can be manipulated by hackers.

Check Internetbanking Page and Connection

DenizBank AG website as well as Internetbanking are secured by an encrypted connection. You can see this on the closed lock symbol and the https: // in the address bar.

Clicking on the lock symbol will give you more information about the certificate and whether the website is actually the one for which it is issued. You can check the accuracy of the certificate with the following fingerprints for the website and Internetbanking.

  • Website: SHA-256-Fingerabdruck
  • Internetbanking:SHA-256-Fingerabdruck

Please also ensure that you have landed on the actual website of DenizBank AG. The address of the page always begins with or for Internetbanking with

Session Control

Internetbanking shows you when you last logged in. Verify that this is correct.

Internetbanking Access Block

If you notice any suspicious or unknown transactions in your account, block your account immediately. You can do this by calling the Contact Center at 0800 88 66 00.

Account Statements Check

Check your account statements regularly for precaution. If you notice anything suspicious, please contact our Contact Center at 0800 88 66 00.

Limit for Daily Transfers in Internetbanking

You can set the daily transfer limits in Internetbanking under the "Security" section. This allows you to ensure that fraudsters do not debit large amounts of your account.

Possible Dangers

Fake Banks E-mails

Never will DenizBank AG or its employees request you confidential, personal data, passwords or TANs by e-mail.

Please read our additional information about Phishing E-Mails.

Keep in Mind Safety Instructions

We warn our customers on our homepage about known current dangers. Please keep in mind these safety instructions. If fraud is suspected, please contact our Contact Center at 0800 88 66 00.

These recommendations not only help you to protect your account transactions, but also protects you in general when you are using the Internet.

Further information on security in Internetbanking


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