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Your Safety and Security – What we do

The DenizBank Internetbanking is protected by various measures:

  • Certified website with SSL encryption
  • Transaction authorization via a separate channel using smsTAN
  • Protected login area only accessible with customer number and password
  • Multiple firewalls and modern Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Regular security checks

Certified Website with SSL encryption

All web pages of the DenizBank AG are SSL encrypted. This is indicated by thethe prefix "https:// in the URL as well as the lock symbol in the address bar. This means that the entire communication between the servers of DenizBank AG and your device is secure and cannot be read. In addition, the DenizBank AG has a certificate from an official certification authority, which ensures that you are on one of our web pages. This can easily be checked by clicking the lock icon.

Recommendation: "smsTAN" offers better protection than iTAN!

The-two-step authentication process involves two different authentication methods. When you want to place an order you receive your TAN only if required via SMS directly to your mobile phone. Since a second, independent device apart from the PC is used for the transmission of the TAN, this method offers a very high level of protection against phishing and malware. The transmitted TAN in the SMS is additionally always inseparably linked to your order. It cannot be used for other transactions. A third party cannot manipulate the mobile phone number used for the SMS transmission because it is stored directly in the highly secure banking system of DenizBank AG.

Your order´s data is also displayed in the TAN SMS. Before entering the TAN, compare the data displayed in the SMS with the data entered in Internetbanking. Only if all data match, you should execute the transaction.

Protected Login Area

Personal data is only visible after successful entry into the system with your customer number and password. This ensures that only someone who has your full login data can access confidential information. Therefore, never give your personal registration data to third parties.

Protection through Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems

All DenizBank AG web servers are protected by the latest firewalls. These ensure that personal customer data can only be accessed after entering customer number and password. Intrusion Prevention systems recognize active attack attempts and block them.

Regular Safety Checks

DenizBank AG always tries to protect its customers with the highest possible level of safety by maintaining the security arrangements with the latest technology. All systems are subject to periodic safety checks to ensure that there are no weak spots.


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