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Information about Phishing-Mails

What is Phishing?

Fraudsters always try to obtain the personal user data as well as Internetbanking access data. Customers are lured with phishing e-mails to fake pages on which they are asked to enter their data.

The frequently used pretexts are as following:

  • The claim that the data must be updated because of a system conversion (e.g., SEPA)
  • The claim that suspicious login attempts were detected
  • The confirmation of personal data such as access data, name, address, telephone number, etc.
  • The information that an "activation or security update" has to take place
  • The information that the validity of your Internetbanking access has expired and must be confirmed

Recent Phishing-Mails

DenizBank AG or its employees will never request your confidential, personal data, passwords or TANs by e-mail. When you receive an SMS TAN, you should always carefully read the information in the SMS!

What you can do for your protection

Check URL

  • The website of DenizBank AG always starts with
  • The URL of our Internetbanking page always begins with
  • Be careful with the correct spelling. Incorrect URLs or subdomains that are very similar to the original are often used. These can look as follows:

Check the certificate

Our website and our Internetbanking are secured with encryption against unauthorized access. Check that the website address starts with HTTPS and whether a lock icon null appears in the address bar. When you click on the icon, security information and details about the certificate will appear. You can verify the accuracy of the certificate by means of the following fingerprints for the website and Internetbanking:

  • Website: SHA-256-Fingerprint
  • Internetbanking:SHA-256-Fingerprint

For more information please get in contact with us. Call our Contact Center 0800 88 66 00.

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Can I help you?